The FCD Journey

From hacked radios to the latest  in ITC devices from FCD.

Nigel Mortimer began to build ghost boxes in early 2017 after he developed the idea that symbolism and electronics combined, might help discarnate spirits and other none human life forms to communicate with traditional spirit box devices in an improved way.  He has worked with the natural frequencies of the ancient 'swastika stone' carving found on Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire, England since the 1980s and noted that this seems to resemble the four natural elements found within our reality, plus an extra 'missing' element -the 5th Elelment -  depicted on the carving as an exctended 'extra' arm of the swastika motif. Locals to the area call the carving the 'Farmers Cross' or 'Fylfot' - a symbol of good luck and the universal wheel of the life force; of course nothing to do with the negative associations given to the 'swastika' symbol during the 1930 -40's.

Nigel decided to name his ghost boxes after the 'Fylfot' - THe FCD or Fylfot Communications Device and began to offer these ITC instruments to the public at a price that he hoiped would be affordable to most, as his ethics were to allow anyone to use and develope ghost boxes who wished to do so -until this time something, due to very high prices of ghost boxes in the US - had been unobtainable.

In no time, the FCD Mk4 became one of the most popular ghost boxes in the UK, selling over 500 units  during the first 10 months of 2018.

Towards the end of 2018,  Nigel  decided to look at new designs for the ghost boxes and sought to build a new box, the Vortex- which would have an adjustable sweep control. His first intention was to house this in a wooden case, but this proved to be too expensive (and as it has always been the the ethos that FCD Ghost boxes should be good quality - but always affordable), so a new direction had to be taken on any future builds into 2019 in order to achieve this.

 We move on (as ever trying to improve and keep the cost down) so that the FCD brand of ghost boxes could continue in a way which has enabled an evolution towards a box /portal which is more sturdy, with a hard-wearing plastic case, tough to take any knocks out on investigations, weather resistant, easier to operate and incorporating that essential continous and adjustable linear sweep and reverb for a clearer sound and a better connection with the spirit world.

So, a new model has been born as we start 2019. Simply called the ‘FCD Ghost Box’

March 2019 UPDATE  A few minor improvements have been made to the FCD Ghost Box: New battery holders on the rear that have been screwed and plastic welded to the case. The radio now has its own on-off toggle switch (now placed on the side) -no more fumbling around for that tiny slider on the battery holder. Plus a new antenna set up using a solid BNC connector -which is high quality.

March 2019 Update: First seven of the new FCD Ghost Box have been sold to customers in the UK, France and the USA. 

I could have built this ghost box for James Bond! It's no.007 as depicted on the back of the case. Showing the 9V and 1.5V battery compartments, plus the FCD antenna booster pack.

I always listen to my customers and it has become clear in the last few months that the legendary FCD Mk4 Ghost Box & Portal in one, is still much sought after although it went into retirement in late 2018. It was a nice box, but it could have been improved and that is why it was replaced with the current FCD GHOST BOX in 2019. But, what if we could build on the MK4, same looks, but including an additional set of new features like continous and adjustable sweep (no more constantly pressing that sweep button throughout easier to use battery housing, whip extendable antenna, etc.In fact, all the new features of the current FCD GHOST BOX, but in the style of the MK4 keeping the wood effect look, the sturdy metal speaker grille, bluetooth and USB input functionailty, and reverb effect. It is something I am seriously considering.
I am currently experimenting on such a build and hope to have a demo test version ready sometime in May 2019. Keep watching!

Looking to the Future:  I am considering updating the type of antenna whip and location on the side of the MK4+. This will give the radio in the box set up a different look, but in all senses it will work exactly the same.  I'm also working hard to find a way that we can add an adjustable sweep to the current set up. Maybe something for 2020.





OCTOBER 2019:   

Continuing to work on the next stage of implementation for an adjustable sweep rate in the next FCD Mk 4 series ghost box/ portals. At the early breadboard experimental stage, but soon to be tested on perfboard prototyping.

The aim is to be able to keep the existing FCD MK4+ radio set up and add this unique home built sweep generator to be able to adjust the sweep rate from fast to slow, to stop. Looking to add this to the FCD range in early 2020 or sooner.

* Please note the parts in the photo do not show all of those used in the sweep generator set up as it stands in 2019.

2020  Introducing the new FCD MK5 Adjustable Sweep.

New Look in 2020 for the MK4+ Adjust

All the MK4 and MK4+ ghost box/portals have been superceeded by the MK4+ ADJUST model in early 2020.  The box has a new look and sturdy case, with a fantastic carry handle / phone cradle. The rotary controls that used ot be on top of the ghost box are now positioned on the sides with the toggle switches. The red button tuner is now on the right hand side front of the plastic speaker panel. The antenna has been built in a way that allows it to plug straight into the 5th Element crystal booster and is retractable. We like the new look...what do you think? (See Below). It is now available to order i n the FCD website store and on

The latest addition to the FCD Ghost Box range -the MK5 (adjustable) is something of a quality build. All hand made from start to finish by Nigel, comprising of a solid wood case and a very ornate yet durable construction, the MK5 brings a touch of class to the current ghost box market.

Like the MK4 models,  the MK5 boasts a complete multimedia bluetooth input system that makes this more than a stand alone ghost box. It is a portal too.  Leather carry strap and metal corner protections give the box that tough , yet elegant look, completed by the wax polish wood finish that allows the natural beauty of the grain to show through. There is even a burnt wood stamped FCD logo on the case.

But is the MK5 practical? It uses the same sucessful radio set up that remains very popular in the MK4+., giving a loud clear tone through its 10W mono speaker enriched by the wood it is housed in.   The telescopic fixed antenna  gives excellent reception and in most cases this can be left down  and still receives strong FM signal reception.  All in all  alovely looking ghost box, with a quality build to match. More coming soon....



It's Here! The all new FCD Mk4+ Ghost Box for 2019

What's new? No more pushing that FM scan button - has an all new continous scan using DSP so silence between snippets of sounds and very clear. Plus, Reverb on/off option, extending antenna whip full length and detacheable, better printed control panel on hardwearing vinyl, easier to use battery holders, smart new wood effect look, etc. Keeping the features that made the original MK4 like the meatl speaker grille, carry handle, AUX out socket, and the FCD 5th Elelment antenna crystal booster pack. The ghost box still retains the bluetooth and USB options which give it an extra dimension to use apps and soundbanks with it.

New Look Antenna:


The FCD MK4+ antenna whip has now been improved.  From model No. 57 we now use a fixed version which is not detacheable. There were some issues with the stability of the older style antenna, so we felt this was the best way to go. The antenna is now more compact and sits at the rear of the unit.

We are only five FCD MK4+ ghost boxes away from No.100. Thank you to everyone who has bought and supported FCD over the years. In total, I have personally built 3,704 FCD ghost boxes and accessories of the various models in three years! That's 21 items a week and that's 3 complete units a day (on average)!!! ....and I'm almost at working retirement age! LOL
Continous hard work, yes. But it goes to show, no matter how those who still try to attack the FCD ghost boxes from time to time, we lead by example.While a few with their own agenda's moan and groan without good reason, we keep busy and give our customers what they want.